A thought on intention of an action

Do we think about the intention behind any of our actions? Right now I am writing this and trying to think about my intention of writing it. Then I ask this question, am I writing this to achieve something or satisfy my ego? or is it for the satisfaction of my inner soul. All our actions derive from a thought, an idea or an intention but how often do we analyze or think about the intention behind the action. Is the action just for our ego satisfaction or fulfilling our own hunger or is it something we are doing for others or righteousness. May it be a date or a job, most of us do it for their ego satisfaction where every action is about us and fulfilling our pleasures. And that’s when we focus to be in control of the situation and spent a lot of energy worrying and thinking if something hampers our ego. Only we can understand our intentions and once we understand our intention, we focus on giving rather than only fulfilling our hunger. And that’s when we achieve peace and learn to be not in control of the situation or others.

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Our definition of success


If having financial security and working at a reputed firm means success, then we might be wrong. Most of my college friends are working at a reputed company, settling down and are financially stable but I don’t have a fixed income and right now I have a zero bank balance but then again does that mean I have failed? But by the definition of success, as the general perception goes, I can be a failure because it’s been 3 years after college and I am starting out from zero again. Nonetheless, I have done it multiple times but now is a time when a lot of people have started questioning it. But should that be a reason for me to give up and get a job? I don’t think so because that was a thought I had a year back when I got a lot of good opportunities when I was going nowhere in my entrepreneurial journey.

But the best part of not giving up is, now I have understood the definition of success (at least my definition), not what someone has told me but what it actually means for me. And have given up on other people’s definition of success, which is obviously very difficult to do as it is deeply embedded in our minds due to our cultures and the society. Giving up other’s definition of success is incredibly liberating and leads to your fullest expression of yourself. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s a daily habit of comparing less and creating more. But this the best learning that I have been practising, which gives me a better perspective of life and helps me to try out anything at any point of time without validating any definition.

Other people aren’t going to live with the consequences of the choices you’ve made. So why would you live your life according to their definition of success?

We are alive and we have a life, isn’t that a success in itself? The moment we understand the value of life, we realize that having such a precious thing that can’t even be compared to anything in the world we understand that we are successful. Money, jobs and the society is something that man has created to make life better, but what has happened in the process is we have given these things the power to take our lives. So the foremost thing that we should learn is using these resources to make a better life and don’t allow them to make our lives miserable. And what I have realized now is giving our 100% to anything we do and do what we love is a success. Though I am not there yet but understanding is the first step I guess.

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Silver lining during bad times

When you don’t know what the motive of your life is; lose your loved one and fall in the wrong company then you automatically lose sight of right and wrong. What is done intentionally is a crime but what is done unintentionally is a mistake. You give a chance to mistake. You don’t punish then. But as always there is always a silver lining to the situation if you can just understand the path and the mistakes you are making. Maybe sometimes you will need someone to guide you through it but then again you have to find that as well.

Once you understand your situation then you can use it to be an opportunity to make yourself better and reprogram your bad habits and adapt well ones. The subconscious brain acts in taking decisions for most of the cases and we don’t really have much control over it and over time we are acquainted with that kind of decision making. The subconscious is responsible for all the good or bad habits that we have and that’s the reason its difficult for us to get rid of them. The subconscious works at an energy state which vibrates at a specific frequency. So a bad situation in our lives is a chance where the subconscious vibrates at a higher frequency and is at a higher emotional state (energy state). That’s the time we can mould our subconscious to get rid of bad habits and reprogram our subconscious to get in a few good habits and become a better person out of it. The day we realize that with each passing day we should become better than our previous version which of course involves not comparing ourselves with others, that’s when we actually improve and that’s the best way to succeed i.e., becoming a better version of ourselves with each passing moment. And by doing so you can train your mind to get rid of your inner voices which make you act according to them. That’s when you can expand your perception which we generally don’t do as we only keep trying to expand our brain, but with perception, we see things how they are not the way we want them to be.

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Universe and our orbits


The above image represents our galactic supercluster, Laniakea. The red dot in the image represents our galaxy, Milky Way. The supercluster consists of around 100,000 galaxies and stretches out over 520 million light years. The Earth orbits around the sun, as part of our solar system. The Sun orbits around the galactic center (supposed to be a supermassive black hole and is the rotational center of the Milky way) as part of the milky way. The Milky way then orbits the Great Attractor as part of the Laniakea Supercluster. Maybe our supercluster orbits around a further massive structure thousands of times heavier than our galaxy and that might be true for some more billions of light years.

The proper distance—the distance as would be measured at a specific time, including the present—between Earth and the edge of the observable universe is 46 billion light-years (14 billion parsecs), making the diameter of the observable universe about 91 billion light-years (28×109 pc). The diameter of Earth is 12,742 km, which is (1.4800335e-20)th of the universe. If the Earth is so small relative to the universe then what about us, our existence and our problems. Would it matter to the universe if we make a mistake or lose something? Then why do we think of it as so big and important to let go?

Our universe is huge and an awesome place. There is so much that we can discover on the ground as well as in the space, so much we can learn and accomplish in the quest to uncover the universe. Then does it really matter from the universe’s perspective if you waste your day just because your boss said something bad to you or you broke some social norms? If not then why not pursue that little dream you always had or explore more in the quest of that dream.

The big bang theory states that about 13.7 billion years ago all the matter in the Universe was concentrated into a single incredibly tiny point. This began to enlarge rapidly in a hot explosion, and it is still expanding today. So can’t we do the same with our brain, expand it as the universe (by thinking big and knowing that a lot of issues just exist in our heads and are minuscule) and then our so called big problems might just be petty ones and we can start wandering without an orbit.

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Uncertainty is the best gift that anyone can have, it gives you the power to make bold decisions and choose a life of your own rules and define success by your own terms. When nothing is certain, everything is possible. Take an example of a dark place connected to multiple roads and you standing there with a cell phone. Then you see street lights turned on in one of the roads which lead to your destination, what do you do?  You follow that path and eventually you reach your destination. But think of a situation where there are no lights and you don’t know which way to choose and you got the only choice to figure out by moving randomly in the dark. Which one seems more exciting, some might go for the first case but the second case is thrilling (I know it’s counter-intuitive) because you might discover a better path or something new in the process (at least you might overcome the fear of uncertainty in the process) when you don’t choose the regular path to your destination. But you have to make a choice of choosing the darkness or the uncertain path for it to happen and that’s when you can make your own certain path. Getting lost and not knowing is a blessing in disguise, when you are in a situation like this then only you try to make your own road or path instead of just following others. Next time you are in a situation like this be happy for the opportunity that life has given you. Every obstacle that you face is helping you move one step further and its OK to not know the path but the real power comes when you don’t stop creating your own rules and ways to move forward.

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Knowing Yourself

In the last couple of days, I went through a couple of theories that spiritual people tend to believe and follow. While doing so I realized, it actually makes sense and following them might make us a better person. Let me ask you a simple question, who are you? You might have got a few voices in your head telling who you are. Most often we get confused with the voices in our heads to be our identity and we accept it to be us. We often are so much involved in our body and minds that we often think that’s what we are, the voices in our head, the thoughts we have and our desires.

But here comes a different perspective altogether. We are more than our thoughts, desires and our mental conceptions. There is definitely something more to what we think is real but then again understanding ourselves is a difficult job to do and of course in today’s busy life do we have time to uncover and understand ourselves? The one who does that is in the state of superconsciousness. Although we approach it through our physical brain and of course it takes effort and time to reach a state like that which is a refined version of our current self. Try getting deeper than your thoughts, wishes, and desires to know yourself better.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle

I know it sounds crazy to think outside your own mind, making decisions above your mental and physical desires. But it’s a beautiful thing to do and only by doing so we see the bigger picture and choose things which are not biased by our emotions and desires only. The decisions are more rational and are in the service of humanity (above your emotional and mental battles). The best thing about such a state of mind is not being attached to our achievements or even our failures, which is the major cause of all our problems, stress and sadness. Think of a situation where you appreciate your achievements and accept your failures without any fear of losing out. Then we realize everything in our life is momentary and we try not to hold on to things that we loose or are not over excited about the things we might achieve or on our successes. Wouldn’t that be a perfect state of us working towards an unbiased goal and leading a great life? Choosing a life that you want without any external parameters affecting it. The best part is we will have clarity of mind and will always serve a greater purpose of humanity without being attached to minuscule things and emotions like anger, lust, jealousy etc.

I know it’s a difficult task to accomplish being humans but trying and understanding our inner self is a good place to start. Think of yourself as a source of energy which is given with a body and mind for a finite amount of time. It’s a great asset if we can direct our resources in a proper channel but if we get lost in the resources without realizing ourselves then it’s the resources dictating our decisions and our life. So channelising the energy into the resources in proper ways can do miracles and would make this life awesome.

Think of yourself as a very powerful source of energy with two powerful assets(mind and body) and are given the resources for a finite time, would you be doing what you are doing now? would you want to change the way your spend your time? Start with understanding you within and the wisdom will follow.

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Fearless is the new conception

What if someone asks who you are then what do you say, you express yourself based on your wishes, desires and your success from achieving something or failure at losing something. That is what defines you and makes you who you are. It’s our desires that define us and keep us running like a deer running after a mirage in a deserted land. Even if you are dead inside you can’t kill the desires within you. But it is our desires when broken ultimately lead us to knowledge, when our desires are unfulfilled then we start learning and stop running and attain knowledge.

Whatever we learn from our childhood defines our action and who we are. Anger, lust, desires, greed are also the things we learn from others and the society. From childhood, our teachers and parents teach how to be a good person, have an ambition in life and what to do in life. Parents give us all the comfort for leading a happy life but along with that, they also give us preconception of things and actions (the concept of good and bad, what is right and what is wrong). Preconceptions make an image of everything we see or hear. Based on those preconceptions we constantly judge people things and countries. Isn’t it true that all those preconceptions give rise to crimes, wars, and fights among countries and societies? In the process, we not only learn to love but also learn to hate, darkness along with the light. This darkness can be real or may be just our imagination which leads to fear. Isn’t it true?
That fear of losing relations, wealth, and reputation we see everywhere. So we feel it’s normal to fear. But does fear removes all the grief? Based on our experiences, no it’s not the truth, fear is just an imagination of the blues that might come, so knowing that fear is just a thought is it too difficult be out of it and become fearless.

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Decision making

In the age of digital revolution, there are hardly any decisions that we make without the influence of technology. This generation won’t be known in the future for the kind of digital revolution that it went through but definitely, for how the internet started affecting out decision making and choices. A forwarded message or a post on social media has the power to change our decisions (we don’t even realize that as it impacts our subconscious). We constantly make notions of things based on what we consume on social media or any other website without even verifying the information. We don’t even realize that our actions are more biased towards social validation that even includes strangers judging our actions, which is more important to us than our own reality. We tend to know and see ourselves as others perceive us instead of knowing the reality within us.

We try to become what others want us to be and in the process, we tend to loose our reality and try to fit in the virtual world with others. Think of the last time you spent more time with yourself and knowing who you are instead of constantly being distracted by your phone or something that your friend shared with you. In the process what we have learned is the distraction, we easily lose focus with proof of time/ sweep of an eye (short span). Our actions are defined by what we consume and what we try to become (based on our notions and social pressure) instead of what we actually are. We praise people for their uniqueness or specialty but in reality, we are losing ourselves in the goal of being generalized due to social acceptance (people like people similar to them so that’s the direction we are moving towards). We should be the one in control of what we consume but the reality is quite opposite which leads us to be dependent on others for taking our decisions. In the process, we have lost the courage to make choices and allow the society to decide our path. So the best thing we can do is to know ourselves and to choose our path (by exploring more and following less) which of course needs us to learn concentration and unlearn distraction. And as we have limited energy every day, if we could spend more energy on making a better version of ourselves every day (first choosing what to consume)  rather than only consuming information, wouldn’t that be great?

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Binary – 0 or 1

This new year I chose to act. I decided to start taking actions. We spend a lot of time thinking. Just give it a thought, isn’t it true that we spend way too much time in deciding whether to take a step or not instead of doing it.  Why waste so much time in deciding just because of instant gratification. Look out for your ultimate goal and vision. That’s the only thing that matters in the longer run. Whatever may be the case, may it be you quitting your job or a breakup, just do it, you are not getting back the moment to take the decision again. If you want to quit your job, do it, things stopping you from doing it are just external factors and do hardly matter in the longer run. Excuses are meant to be made so stop giving reasons for not doing the things that you want. Take that decision, at least you will learn to tackle the outcomes and difficulties instead of trying only to think about the results. That way you will at least learn to handle difficult situations which of course is a great skill to have even if you made a wrong choice ;-). An analogy might be with computers which operate only on 0’s and 1’s, that might be the reason for the speed of computation they provide ;-). So next time either do it or leave it without any dilemma.

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Days of future past

Most of our time is spent by the worries of the past and anxiety of the future. Instead of living in the current moment, our mind resides in days of future and past. Instead of wandering between the future and the past if we focus on living in the present and enjoy every moment, wouldn’t it be awesome? We all realize it at some point in time but still continue to do the same thing. We get pretty much excited for the vacation that’s coming next month and spend a lot of time involved in the excitement. Instead of living in our mind, we can live in the current moment which would at least be the reality. Same with past sorrows or griefs, we continue to think and regret about a mistake that we have already committed. What’s the point if it’s already done? Learn from your mistakes and move on. Life is too short to regret.

What’s the point if all the stress and anxiety are just in our mind which doesn’t let us reside in peace. Obviously, it’s difficult to get rid of our thought process and the thoughts we consistently are involved in as it has become a habit and it’s something that we have been doing for years. But the thing with difficult things is , it gets easier with each try, after all, it’s your mind and you should be the one in control of your thoughts and if not should at least be able to channelise the thoughts into the right direction by fooling your brain maybe. One of the techniques that I recently started using is categorizing each disturbing thought ( that makes me either excited or worried ) that comes into my mind into two categories i.e., either from the past or about the future and then release it. Its more like going above your brain and observing your thought process from a higher point of view, from where a lot of things which seem to be huge from within would be too small to even spend time thinking of.

Everyone can have some kind of hack to get this right, which might include looking at the bigger picture or fooling your brain into something else. Which is different from person to person but again needs to be tried to make it easier to accomplish. It’s better to live in the current moment of reality that to live in the days of future and past in thoughts.

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