Fearless is the new conception

What if someone asks who you are then what do you say, you express yourself based on your wishes, desires and your success from achieving something or failure at losing something. That is what defines you and makes you who you are. It’s our desires that define us and keep us running like a deer running after a mirage in a deserted land. Even if you are dead inside you can’t kill the desires within you. But it is our desires when broken ultimately lead us to knowledge, when our desires are unfulfilled then we start learning and stop running and attain knowledge.

Whatever we learn from our childhood defines our action and who we are. Anger, lust, desires, greed are also the things we learn from others and the society. From childhood, our teachers and parents teach how to be a good person, have an ambition in life and what to do in life. Parents give us all the comfort for leading a happy life but along with that, they also give us preconception of things and actions (the concept of good and bad, what is right and what is wrong). Preconceptions make an image of everything we see or hear. Based on those preconceptions we constantly judge people things and countries. Isn’t it true that all those preconceptions give rise to crimes, wars, and fights among countries and societies? In the process, we not only learn to love but also learn to hate, darkness along with the light. This darkness can be real or may be just our imagination which leads to fear. Isn’t it true?
That fear of losing relations, wealth, and reputation we see everywhere. So we feel it normal to have fear. But does fear removes all the grief of our life? Based on our experiences no it is not true, fear is just an imagination of the blues that might come, so knowing that fear is just a thought is it too difficult be out of it and become fearless.

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Decision making

In the age of digital revolution, there are hardly any decisions that we make without the influence of technology. This generation won’t be known in the future for the kind of digital revolution that it went through but definitely, for how the internet started affecting out decision making and choices. A forwarded message or a post on social media has the power to change our decisions (we don’t even realize that as it impacts our subconscious). We constantly make notions of things based on what we consume on social media or any other website without even verifying the information. We don’t even realize that our actions are more biased towards social validation that even includes strangers judging our actions, which is more important to us than our own reality. We tend to know and see ourselves as others perceive us instead of knowing the reality within us.

We try to become what others want us to be and in the process, we tend to loose our reality and try to fit in the virtual world with others. Think of the last time you spent more time with yourself and knowing who you are instead of constantly being distracted by your phone or something that your friend shared with you. In the process what we have learned is the distraction, we easily lose focus with proof of time/ sweep of an eye (short span). Our actions are defined by what we consume and what we try to become (based on our notions and social pressure) instead of what we actually are. We praise people for their uniqueness or specialty but in reality, we are losing ourselves in the goal of being generalized due to social acceptance (people like people similar to them so that’s the direction we are moving towards). We should be the one in control of what we consume but the reality is quite opposite which leads us to be dependent on others for taking our decisions. In the process, we have lost the courage to make choices and allow the society to decide our path. So the best thing we can do is to know ourselves and to choose our path (by exploring more and following less) which of course needs us to learn concentration and unlearn distraction. And as we have limited energy every day, if we could spend more energy on making a better version of ourselves every day (first choosing what to consume)  rather than only consuming information, wouldn’t that be great?

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Binary – 0 or 1

This new year I chose to act. I decided to start taking actions. We spend a lot of time thinking. Just give it a thought, isn’t it true that we spend way too much time in deciding whether to take a step or not instead of doing it.  Why waste so much time in deciding just because of instant gratification. Look out for your ultimate goal and vision. That’s the only thing that matters in the longer run. Whatever may be the case, may it be you quitting your job or a breakup, just do it, you are not getting back the moment to take the decision again. If you want to quit your job, do it, things stopping you from doing it are just external factors and do hardly matter in the longer run. Excuses are meant to be made so stop giving reasons for not doing the things that you want. Take that decision, at least you will learn to tackle the outcomes and difficulties instead of trying only to think about the results. That way you will at least learn to handle difficult situations which of course is a great skill to have even if you made a wrong choice ;-). An analogy might be with computers which operate only on 0’s and 1’s, that might be the reason for the speed of computation they provide ;-). So next time either do it or leave it without any dilemma.

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Days of future past

Most of our time is spent by the worries of the past and anxiety of the future. Instead of living in the current moment, our mind resides in days of future and past. Instead of wandering between the future and the past if we focus on living in the present and enjoy every moment, wouldn’t it be awesome? We all realize it at some point in time but still continue to do the same thing. We get pretty much excited for the vacation that’s coming next month and spend a lot of time involved in the excitement. Instead of living in our mind, we can live in the current moment which would at least be the reality. Same with past sorrows or griefs, we continue to think and regret about a mistake that we have already committed. What’s the point if it’s already done? Learn from your mistakes and move on. Life is too short to regret.

What’s the point if all the stress and anxiety are just in our mind which doesn’t let us reside in peace. Obviously, it’s difficult to get rid of our thought process and the thoughts we consistently are involved in as it has become a habit and it’s something that we have been doing for years. But the thing with difficult things is , it gets easier with each try, after all, it’s your mind and you should be the one in control of your thoughts and if not should at least be able to channelise the thoughts into the right direction by fooling your brain maybe. One of the techniques that I recently started using is categorizing each disturbing thought ( that makes me either excited or worried ) that comes into my mind into two categories i.e., either from the past or about the future and then release it. Its more like going above your brain and observing your thought process from a higher point of view, from where a lot of things which seem to be huge from within would be too small to even spend time thinking of.

Everyone can have some kind of hack to get this right, which might include looking at the bigger picture or fooling your brain into something else. Which is different from person to person but again needs to be tried to make it easier to accomplish. It’s better to live in the current moment of reality that to live in the days of future and past in thoughts.

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In every step of life, we make decisions which decide the next state* we will be in. Essentially, every moment changes the next moment by the choice we make. Here we can compare life to a dice and our actions to effects of gravity, air resistance, the friction of table and a lot of other factors as well that influence the outcome of the roll. Of course, the initial position of the dice matters as well, similarly based on our current state along with the decisions we make, people we spend time with and the examples we set, we land up in a unique state (that might be one of the reasons for our uniqueness). Our current state is defined by the decisions we took in the past and a lot of other micro parameters (e.g., environment, actions, activities) as well, which leads us to take a particular decision.

So it’s up to us to take actions every day to redefine our next state. We can’t expect to land up in a different state by doing the same thing that made our current state. To reach your goals and have an ideal life you can start by defining an ideal day i.e., you can plan every day and spend time accordingly which will help you reach your ideal state. And you are in control of your time so don’t let any external locus of control to define how you spend your time. So stop being dicey, prioritize tasks and focus on the final state rather than focussing on short term goals and take decisions leaving all the worries and anxieties because this decision is what makes the better you.

*State here is analogous to the states of a finite state machine



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Innovations happening in earlier decades have reduced a lot in the recent times. The reason being we have become followers of things that are already validated. The majority of people nowadays have stopped exploring different things, rather they tend to look for validated ideas or professions and start working on that. When they stop exploring new things and new opportunities what they actually do is they stop thinking and become the part of a rat race. The biggest reason is, people have become lazy to ask questions and trying to find answers themselves rather they accept the existing hypothesis or theories that may explain a situation or phenomena(e.g., superstitions). People tend to work on validated ideas nowadays rather than becoming validators.

    Most of the actions taken by us today are not even thought of, they are just done because we have either seen someone doing it or somebody told us this is how it’s done. That way we train our brain not to ask questions and just follow what’s out there and that leads to a programmed brain which can’t be reprogrammed even by ourselves. So even the thoughts we have is based on analogy i.e., we tend to think everything in terms of existing things or things similar to what we are building. If that would have been the case then we would have been working on making faster horses rather than cars. As Elon Musk says, we should think from first principles rather than thinking from analogy, which of course kills creativity. Someone built a car with four wheels and an engine doesn’t mean we always need to make a faster and better car as a better means of transportation, we can build an aeroplane as well (that’s what wright brothers did). Thinking from first principles helps in innovation, building things which no one can even imagine of using. Most of the entrepreneurs who try to solve a problem, just try to find a better version of the existing solution. That way innovation can never happen as we have a fixed goal from the very beginning, which will lead the building of something similar to the existing one. The same thing happens with colleges, most of them were built during the industrial revolution to provide resources to the industries i.e., they were goal focused. If the education is meant to train us to get a state with the required parameters that will fulfill the need of industries than how can people be more creative while being directed towards one goal.


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